How Boards Can Drive Disruptive Innovation at Scale Through Corporate Ventures


There are four components to this guide: 

  1. An overview of Corporate Venture Building – why there is a need for Horizon 2 and Horizon 3 innovation to create new business models & engines of growth, at speed. 
  1. Four key success factors to building and scaling new businesses, and where Boards and C-Level executives have a disproportionate impact as enablers or roadblocks. 
  1. A case study on Axiata Digital by Khairil Abdullah, its founding CEO – the success factors that played a significant role in helping him build and scale a strong portfolio of ventures such as Boost (e-wallet), ADA (integrated digital, analytics, and marketing), and Aspirasi (micro-financing & insurance). 
  1. A Corporate Venture Building Self-Assessment Checklist & Tool – if you have only 5 minutes, here is a checklist containing key questions for you to look into. This is also available as an online tool for self-assessment on readiness for corporate venture building. You can access the tool here: 

How to use this Guide  

This guide is designed to provide insights and key guiding principles to corporates and boards, whether you are at the earlier stages of seeking disruptive innovation or are already in the midst of reinventing your organization to be more resilient in the face of change. This guide is especially helpful to those organizations who have relied on traditional tools to generate innovation – from internal R&D to M&As and start-up partnerships and are looking to redefine what it means to create new engines of growth and disruptive innovation.  

This guide has been designed as a core resource especially if you are: 

  • A Senior Corporate Executive looking to engage your board members more actively on enabling you to fast-track innovation in your organization and gain their support to establish a new vision, especially if it is one centered on instilling a more entrepreneurial culture and creating new speedboats (high-potential start-ups & new businesses) leveraging established corporate assets in new and adjacent markets.  
  • A Board Member taking at heart your fiduciary duty to generate stakeholder value and leave the organization in a stronger position than you have found it, futureproofing it with smart use of capital, talent and risk mitigation measures. 
  • A Local or Regional Manager or Innovation Lead, who sees with your own eyes how the local business landscape is fast-changing – and wants to inspire, ground up, senior management on why this new approach of corporate venture building is necessary, and embed the lessons learned from corporates who have already begun disrupting their industries through Corporate Venture Building 

Download the guide here: