Generating scalable value creation from your data & analytics: Building new analytics ventures​ – Conversation with David Hardoon

January 11, 2023

In the Sixth Episode of the Future Ventures Podcast, FutureLabs Managing Partner Mario Aquino talks to David Hardoon, CEO Aboitiz Data Innovation

A not to be missed episode for data lovers and those who believe that “data is the new gold”. 

Hear David and Mario discuss data assets and tackle tough subjects such as prioritizing data as a revenue generating function, the business models that help in the monetization of data, and the key factors for success to unlock innovation in data analytics.  


Key highlights of the discussion

A self-proclaimed data geek, David begins by discussing the value of data and how to utilize data analytics capabilities to generate revenue. He then proceeds to share his perspectives on data assets and their monetization, leveraging his experience with ADI 

David emphasizes that the importance of data in business cannot be undermined. He promotes the idea of incorporating data into processes to transform it from a liability into an asset. Data, he believes is a never-ending journey and requires a lot of investment. He then describes how data must be invested in – both in terms of skill and technological capabilities.  

He reinstates his belief in companies needing to find a good balance between using pre-packaged products and tailormade data software to create more involved and revenue generating value streams. When it comes to data, everyone should be a customer.

David then proceeds to discuss corporate venture building and highlights the example of ADI (Aboitiz Data Innovation). In his view, a corporate that is able to pursue growth opportunities while understanding the potential of its own corporate assets is most likely to create successful ventures. 

Towards the end of the discussion, Mario taps into David’s knowledge on exciting new startups in the Data Analytics scene and some AI innovation to look out for!!  

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About the speaker(s)


David Hardoon

David is the Senior Advisor for Data and Artificial Intelligence at UnionBank Philippines. David is also an external advisor to Singapore’s Corrupt Investigation Practices Bureau (CPIB) in the capacity of Senior Advisor (Artificial Intelligence) and to Singapore’s Central Provident Fund Board (CPF) in the capacity of Senior Advisor (Data Science). Prior to his current roles, David was Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) first appointed Chief Data Officer and Head of Data Analytics Group reporting to the agency Deputy Managing Director for Financial Supervision and subsequently Special Advisor (Artificial Intelligence) reporting to Deputy Managing Director for Markets and Development. In these roles he led the development of the AI strategy both for MAS and Singapore’s financial sector as well as driving efforts in promoting open cross-border data flows.


Mario Aquino

Mario is the Founder & Managing Partner of FutureLabs Ventures, a top-tier corporate venture studio and VC. Former Managing Partner of McKinsey Ventures Asia-Pacific, and co-founder of McKinsey Solutions (McKinsey’s corporate VC & innovation groups). Spent 20+ years in digital & advanced analytics space across Asia, the US, and Europe as an entrepreneur, advisor to tech companies and VC funds, executive, and investor. Core expert on Fintech, Artificial Intelligence, and Advanced Analytics. Built and scaled 10+ tech & analytics companies that have become regional and global players including two unicorns; extensive network in the innovation ecosystem globally.